The Hospitality industry has been developing every year and following its development, the timeshare segments create new opportunities, which were not so evolved before. Challenges appear at this moment, because there is always a change in the behavior and profile of customers. Today guests and active customers are younger, more dynamic and value their experiences more. So the industry has to be always attentive to reinventing itself and innovating, embracing and adapting to what needs to be updated.

The commercial area is the engine that makes everything possible, in the sense of balancing the financial conditions for the projects to continue their growth cycle. Good salespeople in the industry are rare, so training efforts must always be in place. The sales process in the segment’s service rooms is the first step towards customer loyalty. Usually the rooms are located in resorts and hotels and sales take place during the clients’ stay. Thus, not only the entire structure of the enterprise, but also the services are crucial for achieving the corporations’ sales and prosperity goals.

Today, the teaching structure at universities is still very small, regarding the timeshare and timeshare segment, the most professional schools lack specific subjects for the sector, so it is up to industry entrepreneurs to invest and be at the forefront of the segment, selecting young people with aptitudes and vocational characteristics in the commercial area and, above all, hiring and giving total support to experienced professionals, who will ensure that the entire dynamic of the sales process grows and is constantly updated.