In short, Timeshare works like a vacation property. Imagine again that you have a summer home that you visit with your family every vacation.

Now imagine that the same house exists in other parts of the world, in countries you would like to visit or in other cities. Timeshare starts from this principle.

Timeshare is “timeshare” within a vacation property, usually a resort, that is divided up and shared in usage time. This time of use, in turn, usually takes place in weeks, but in some cases it can be divided into months.

Commonly, Timeshare works with a purchase made in advance of your hotel rates, but with much more attractive prices.

You can choose a set number of weeks per year to use within a set time, which is usually from 10 to 30 years or even lifetime products. During this period of time, you, as the owner, have the same rights as traditional property. That is, you can sell, rent or give your weeks in this property to third parties.