One of the main advantages noted by buyers is that, by being a Timeshare owner, you will be entitled to a vacation period every year, without the worries and financial risks that a summer home can bring, nor the variations in accommodation rates in all seasons, all years.

In addition, Timeshare developments offer more spacious facilities than traditional hotel rooms and can include even more amenities and amenities that a simple hotel offers such as: golf courses, spectacular pools, Spas, not to mention the best locations in the world such as : beaches, with their activities, ski fields, etc.

But, in addition to these advantages, the biggest advantage of investing in Timeshare is the economy in a parameter of use and hosting in use. You end up paying much less, proportionately, for the daily rates and still have the possibility of taking the dream trip every year.

The time-sharing system has well-defined rules, which gives customers security, in addition to comfort and tranquility so that the focus of the trip is just to enjoy and relax.

Among other advantages, you can also enjoy:

Unique experiences with the family, as most of the partner ventures are focused on family groups, with several attractions created to transform the trip into memorable moments;

Savings with each trip, because guaranteeing your week in advance, you do not have rate adjustments during the term of the contract;

Customers enjoy exclusive benefits and benefits created especially for them, for example, customers have a range of benefits not offered by normal hotels.

As with all products, we cannot say that this segment of the hospitality industry is for everyone, but it is certainly of spectacular benefit to those who appreciate and value traveling, discovering new destinations and going on vacation with family and friends. 

By Enio Caccuri

Journalist and Commercial Director